Security with Credit Bank Konnect APIs


Our foremost priority at Credit Bank Konnect APIs is the robust protection of your and your customers' data. We use stringent, bank-grade security measures that exceed industry standards to maintain privacy and safeguard data, whether at rest or in transit.

Data Encryption

Our database servers employ advanced encryption algorithms to secure data at rest. Encryption keys are cycled periodically and managed in a separate network, isolated from the database and application servers. These keys are kept within a highly resilient, fault-tolerant key management cluster with strictly limited access. The highest level of security is ensured by securely vaulting the master key.

Transport Security

Data transported over our REST API uses HTTPS, ensuring all information is encrypted as it travels from our server to your application. We conduct regular audits of our security setup to confirm our certificates are current and secure. The Credit Bank Konnect APIs enforce HTTPS for all connections to maintain data integrity and security throughout the transport process. We strongly recommend you use the same protocols to encrypt data all the way to the end user.


For continuous improvement and monitoring, we log all API calls and track interactions with our web services for future review. This allows us to maintain transparency, detect any anomalies promptly, and ensure the highest standards of security compliance.

With Credit Bank Konnect APIs, you can be assured that your data is in safe hands.