Getting Started with Credit Bank Konnect APIs

Embark on Your Digital Journey

We're thrilled to guide you through the initial steps to get started with Credit Bank Konnect APIs. These powerful tools will enable you to swiftly harness the power of modern financial technology.

To begin, you'll need to create a Credit Bank Developer account. You can sign up and register for your account at This platform will be your gateway to all things Credit Bank. From here, you can view transactions, generate API keys for your applications, and much more!

Should you have any queries or desire a detailed discussion about your implementation with our product team, feel free to drop us an email at Follow our developer quickstart to start your integration.

Refer to our developer quickstart guide to jumpstart your integration process.

Not a Developer?

No worries! If you're daunted by the complexity of API integration, we're here to help. Our Payment Links empower you to start accepting payments from your customers without writing a single line of code! For more information, reach out to us at Click here to read more on how to get started.

We're Here to Support You!

Stuck somewhere? Need assistance? Have some feedback to share? Our dedicated support team is just an email away at

You can also browse through our Frequently Asked Questions for quick solutions to common queries.

Join the lively discussion at our Konnect Forum at This is your space to stay updated with new products, features, and engage with our product teams.

Encountered a bug or error with our APIs or platform? Submit a Support ticket, and we'll get right on it.

To understand more about pricing and plans for your integration, connect with our Sales team at

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