Authentication and Authorization

Securing your interactions is paramount to us. Credit Bank Konnect APIs utilize the OAuth 2.0 Authentication Framework. To generate a Bearer token, you'll need to provide your username and password, along with an API key that you generate on the Credit Bank Developer Portal as part of the HTTP Basic Authentication process.

Upon obtaining your token, you're set to perform various actions such as initiating payments, reviewing completed transactions, and more.

Following is a guide on how to generate your token and use it effectively. Please note that all communications are securely transmitted using HTTPS.

API Keys

To ensure secure and authenticated communication, all requests to Credit Bank Konnect APIs require your account's API keys. These keys are associated with your Credit Bank Developer account.

Each account is provisioned with two API keys: one for testing purposes and another for executing live transactions. You can view these keys on your Credit Bank Developer Portal dashboard. While our guides and reference documentation show sample credentials for illustrative purposes, you should replace these with your own test API keys when logged into the Credit Bank Developer Portal. These keys will then be used within your website or application

Once you've logged in to the Credit Bank Developer Portal, navigate to the API Keys page. You can find this under the Developers section by selecting it from the left-hand navigation menu. Then, click on the button labeled "Generate New Keys".


🚧 Keep Secrets Secret

You should copy this API key and APP ID and store it in a secure location, as it will not be visible after you exit the screen.